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Knowledge Dynamics in the Engineering Sciences


This interdisciplinary interest and project group analyses the way knowledge is dealt with in the engineering sciences, thereby contributing to foundational research in knowledge and technology studies. The goal of the project is to carve out elements specific to the engineering sciences and the dynamics of technological knowledge. In doing so, the project will review generally accepted classifications of technological knowledge (theoretical knowledge, knowledge of rules, experiential knowledge, etc.). It focuses on examining and systematically modelling the way this knowledge is handled – from genesis to application. At the core of the project lie several case studies, which each exemplify different perspectives from the humanities, social sciences, and human factors on the engineering sciences. Academic research will be the central focus of the investigations; however, other context factors such as the economy, politics, and the public will also be considered where appropriate.

The group wants to provide a theoretical-systematic foundation in order to reconsider and design the way knowledge is dealt with in the engineering sciences. The group expects to offer manifold initial points of reflection for the field: a more precise self-conception of the engineering sciences, a more precise positioning of the engineering sciences within the system of sciences, an improved means of communication – both internally and externally – through the clarification of central terminology, a better understanding for the dynamics of networks of knowledge, and an increased reflexivity in the engineering sciences.



Contact: Prof. Dr. phil. Dipl.-Ing. Sabine Ammon, Chair Work Studies,Technology, and Participation, TU Berlin

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