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Prof. Dr. Sabine Ammon


Sabine Ammon is a philosopher with focus on the philosophy and ethics of science and technology as well as on design research. She works on the refinement of knowledge theory with regard to the role of artefacts, models, simulations and their interactions with conceptual and theoretical development.



Prof. Dr. Nina Baur


Nina Baur is a sociologist with focus on methodology of social sciences and science and innovation research. She is currently working on the development of sociological methods of artefact analysis and the analysis of knowledge dynamics. In various joint projects with engineers and natural scientists she has been working for many years on the analysis of the interactions of artefacts and materialities with social contexts.



Prof. Dr. Hans-Liudger Dienel


Hans-Liudger Dienel is a social science technology researcher with a strong focus on the history of technology science, the history of mobility and traffic, and participatory technology development. He works on methods for personal knowledge management in the engineering profession and on the digitization of technical education.    

Prof. Dr. Markus A. Feufel


Markus Feufel is an ergonomist with a focus on human-centered analysis and design of work systems. He is particularly interested in the influence of technology on knowledge-based thinking and working processes in digitized, socio-technical systems.    

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Claudia Fleck


Claudia Fleck is a materials scientist and contributes her expertise to the field of structural development and characterization of hierarchically structured, bio-inspired metal foams. The focus lies on vibrational stresses and interdisciplinary cooperation in the development of lightweight structures for use in vehicle construction.    

Dr. Jannis Hergesell


Jannis Hergesell is a sociologist of technology with an emphasis on innovation and digitization research as well as the methodology of empirical social research. He conducts research on innovation phenomena in the health sector, the genesis and consequences of digital artefacts and the further development of methodology and methods of innovation research.    

M.Sc. Julius Jenek


Julius Jenek studied mechanical engineering at the TU Berlin focusing on design and development. Since 2016 he has been a research associate in the field of design of machine systems. His research focuses on the scalability of mechanical friction brakes.



Dr.-Ing. Anke Märten


Anke Märten is a materials scientist and contributes her expertise in the field of structural and properties characterization of structured and hierarchically structured materials. Her research focuses on the mechanical properties of nanoscale and microscale structural elements in complex material composites.    

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Henning Jürgen Meyer


Henning Meyer is a mechanical engineer with a focus on mobile machines and mechatronics. His research work focuses on the integration of information technology systems in mobile working machines for the regulation and control of driving and working functions, for the analysis of machine states and for machine communication.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Steffen Müller


Steffen Müller is an engineer in the field of automotive engineering and heads the Department of Automotive Engineering at the TU Berlin. Steffen Müller has been researching autonomous driving and vehicle safety for many years. Within the framework of the project, Steffen Müller will deal with knowledge-dynamic questions on the use of artificial intelligence in the field of automated vehicle guidance.    

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Stark


Rainer Stark is a mechanical engineer with a focus on methods and technologies of virtual product creation. He is vice spokesman of the research group and leads the technical science team 8, which investigates the influence of smart product development on knowledge dynamics in product development processes.    

Dipl.-Ing. Wei Min Wang


Wei Min Wang studied industrial engineering at the TU Berlin focusing on software engineering and has been a research assistant at the department since 2012. Among other things, he was involved in the infrastructure project for the Collaborative Research Center 1026 - Sustainable Manufacturing, where he led the development of IT tools and services to support research activities. He has also been involved in the development of laboratory concepts at the department to create innovative test environments for modern working methods and development tools. Under his leadership, the "Engineering Collaboration and Control Center" has been created, providing researchers and developers with a wide range of opportunities to collaborate in a variety of ways. Currently, his research focuses on knowledge dynamics in product development processes.    

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